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Hair Loss Caused by Birth Control


Birth control can be a traumatic stressful event in a woman’s life. For whatever reason, using birth control pills, terminating a pregnancy as well as childbirth can cause changes in the woman’s hormonal balance that can trigger hair follicles to eventually fall out.


Hair loss cased by birth control is another form for Telogen Effluvium, a medical term to classify hair thinning resulting from sudden or traumatic stress. Stress has been known to upset hormone growth that causes hair follicles to enter the telogen or resting dormancy phase. 3-4 months later, telogen hair will fall out and you see them as hair lumps on your hair brush or on the bathroom floor.


Hormonal Imbalance


The main trait common to childbirth and pregnancy termination is the stressful morphological and even psychological changes taking place to upset hormonal levels. Statistics indicate that about 20% of mothers lose hair during and after childbirth though other numbers suggest closer to twice that. The main culprit is the presence of male testosterone hormone which is also naturally present in women but in relatively smaller quantities as compared with that in the male gender. The imbalance resulting from stress of childbirth and terminating a pregnancy causes the male testosterone to come to the fore with the same havoc on the hair follicles as an overproduction in androgenetic alopecia does.


Pregnancy Termination’s


Terminating pregnancy can happen accidentally as in a miscarriage, or deliberately as in using abortive pills. In the same way as normal childbirth, miscarriage and abortion are known to have disruptive effect on hormonal levels that can adversely affect normal hair growth in women. Hair that would otherwise grow with the follicular hair growth cycle suddenly enters the telogen or resting phase and be shed off in 3 to 5 months.


Hair loss caused by birth control as well as child birth is temporary. Normal healthy mothers should be able to recover and regain their full set of hair usually 6 months after.



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