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Hair Loss Caused by Medication


People undergoing certain medication have reported or been observed to suffer thinning hair. Clinical studies point to some medical products that have unwanted side effects that include hair loss. Women are particularly susceptible as most hair loss caused by medication occurring in the female gender is prompted by external factors such as stressful conditions that require hormone upsetting drugs.


Medications That Cause Hair to Fall Out


Among the known medications documented to cause hair loss are steroids and birth control pills that disturb the body’s balancing act producing hormones. Anti-depressants also account as the most common medication that result in thinning hair as a side effect. Just about any medication that directly impact on hormonal activity is sure to cause one.


In particular, medications containing Lithium and Depakote or Valproate have been frequently documented to cause hair to enter into the telogen or resting phase and after 3-4 months cause them to stay on your brush or comb instead of on you’re your scalp. Medications prescribed for bipolar disorders such as Prozac, Tegretol and all trycyclic antidepressants are also notorious for causing hair to fall out.


What to Do?


Experts agree that the best way to arrest falling hair is to stop or reduce the intake of drug that is causing your hair to thin out. But you need to consult with your doctor about your situation and to take alternative medication or reduce the prescribed dosage. Just don’t expect instant hair regrowth.  Be aware that hair loss caused by medication may take at least 6 month to see any improvement or restoration of your hair growth.


Excess Doses


Some drugs have active ingredients that are known to cause hair loss. Some suffer when taking the medication in moderation or clinically prescribed. But in general, any form of excess doses on most medications, even vitamins and mineral supplements can cause hair thinning. Drug or substance abuse like taking in more antidepressants than prescribed can be ruinous to your scalp health.  As they say, too much of anything can be dangerous.



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