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Hair Loss Caused by Weight Loss


It is true that there are more than just a few reasons behind hair loss. However, there are also a number of both stories and studies that link this condition with weight loss. In order to find the truth behind the association of these two and if there is really such a thing as hair loss caused by weight loss, it is necessary to understand both of them first.


Hair Loss and Weight Reduction


As mentioned before, hair loss has a lot of causes. Some of them include trauma, stress, illness, or even a hereditary condition. Some types of medication can also lead to hair loss as well. Moreover, there are some treatments that may cause the loss of hair. It may be as trivial as hairstyle changes or as complex and critical as Chemotherapy.


When it comes to weight loss, a majority of individuals have at one point had the desire to lose weight – whatever their reason may have been. A healthy diet and regular exercise is definitely the best means to achieve this end. On the other hand, circumstances such as illnesses, crash dieting, and eating are unhealthy ways of losing weight. In most cases, extreme weight loss – especially those that are done within a very limited period of time – could cause more harm than good.


Linking the Two


The most obvious connection between the two is the lack of vitamins and minerals that is taken in by the body. In order to function effectively, the body needs its dose of nutrients. This includes the process of growing hair. In fact, hair growth is one of the best barometers of one’s health.


Crash diets and eating disorders that cause extreme weight loss rob the body of its vital nutrients. One of the biggest victims could be the scalp and the hair follicles. Hair loss caused by weight loss – extreme weight loss, that is – can only be cured by replenishing the body with the essential minerals and vitamins it needs to function properly.  



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