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About Theraplex

The Theraplex solution to eczema is considered one of the most unique treatments of all considering it has a 2-step system for eczema relief. Theraplex approaches eczema as a viscous cycle with the development and the redevelopment of dry and flaky skin that can be both irritating and unsightly. Products for eczema created by Theraplex delivers moisture to skin deep down and also creates a protective barrier on skin to lock moisture preventing eczema breakouts.

Theraplex is a company that has been manufacturing products that are known to be effective not only for eczema but for an army of skin conditions. There are treatments for psoriasis, xerosis, keratosis, overly dried skin, calluses, ichthyosis and many more that are not only effective but are safe as well. Theraplex is the first skin care company that combines petrolatum for moisturizing skin and hydrosilicone to make formulas penetrate the inner layers of the skin.

Overall, Theraplex guarantees fast and effective results to as early as when you use it for the first time. Skin with eczema is unusually red, inflamed and very itchy but with and initial application skin is noticeable smoother and the redness and severe itching is reduced. With continuous use it is guaranteed to make skin better looking with more protection to prevent eczema flare-ups.

How Does Theraplex Work?

First of all, the Theraplex system makes use of a special emollient that offers superior moisture on eczema skin. After moisture is applied it is locked in with a special barrier protection perfect for severely dry skin. This emollient may be applied as often as necessary and if possible after a bath when skin is still wet. This is so gentle it can be used for children and babies with eczema as well. For babies, diaper areas are the most prone areas of the skin from eczema. It may be applied on the diaper area after every diaper change.

The partner of the Theraplex Emollient is the Theraplex ClearLotion that can improve skin’s moisture content easily with an oil based ingredient that penetrates skin easily. It may also be applied on damp skin right after a shower or a bath to lock in moisture.

Is Theraplex Safe?

Theraplex is safe as it is effective this is why more and more people with eczema choose this treatment over other brands. However, the product may have questionable results especially when the formulation is similar to both adults and children. Regardless of this flaw, the Theraplex system seems to be getting great reviews and testimonials online. It is easy to use, no more complicated solutions and systems to take note of. Everything that you may need to treat eczema is found in Theraplex.

Where To Buy Theraplex?

Theraplex Official Website
Eczema Treatment
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Theraplex Emollient  (4.3 oz)
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Theraplex Emollient  (8 oz)
30 Days
Theraplex ClearLotion  (8 fl.oz. / 240 ml)
30 Days