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FDA-Approved Hair Loss Products


Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is genetically rooted. You have genes instructing the 5-Alpha-Reductase enzyme to convert testosterone into DHT in abnormal levels to reach the hair follicle so they stop producing healthy hair. So far, there are just two FDA-approved hair loss products that do what they promise.


2 Types of FDA-Approved Hair Loss Products


1. Products Containing Minoxidil


High blood pressure patients using prescriptive Minoxidil grew thicker hair and even grew hair on unwanted places as a side effect. Subsequent research confirmed that its vasodilating action enabled hair follicles to get stronger with better blood flow and nutrients reaching the hair roots.


Rogaine® is a non-prescriptive brand of topical lotion containing 2% Minoxidil. It is the most accessible of hair loss treatment products.  


• Loniten® is similar to Rogaine but is of prescription strength containing 5% Minoxidil concentration. With a higher strength, this has been shown to grow hair in about 80% of balding men. Side effects in the form of palpitation has been observed when taking higher concentrations of Minoxidil in some men.


2. Products Containing Finasteride


Finasteride is the second of the two FDA-approved hair loss products. It was earlier used to treat prostrate enlargement by blocking DHT production that also increased hair growth in patients using the drug. The drug has been rebranded and recertified with the FDA for hair treatment under a different name. About 90% of balding men taking it showed improved hair growth after a year of use.


Propecia® is the brand of oral medication using Finasteride and can only be obtained with prescription.


• Proscar® is the prescriptive brand for treating prostrate disorders. This is often preferred since it is chargeable against health insurances. Insurance firms consider Propecia a cosmetic drug and is not chargeable.


There are other medication that has no FDA-approved hair treatment substance but uses other chemical compound and herbal extracts that do the same thing with similar efficacies. Some advertise to have Saw Palmetto and other herbal extracts in them which can be just as effective.



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