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Hair Growth Foods- 3 Groups of Best Foods for Hair Growth


The hair is literally our crown jewels. Hair styling is integral to making us look good. And we know how unappealing it is to have thinning hair. No amount of hair styling can compensate a bald spot on your head. Just like any part of our body, a healthy balanced diet is sure to maintain a health set of hair that abundantly replenishes the hair we shed everyday. It pays off to make this a part of our daily habit, never sacrificing any part of it due to a busy hectic schedule. But being mindful nonetheless to compensate any failure with more nutritional intake on the next day.  


There are some food groups that contain the high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a full set of hair. Some may not appeal to you or may not be available throughout the year. Either that or they can be too expensive to form part of our daily diet. But it’s great to know that these proteins, vitamins and minerals can be sourced from other foods as well. Here’s what we need:


1. High Quality Protein Sources


Hair is all protein. Poultry, Fish and eggs are a great source of proteins we need to sustain a lush set of hair. Chickens and eggs are available throughout the year and they don’t cost. Turkeys are even better but they can be more expensive and are better reserved during special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Fishes are another food groups that abundantly supplies the right quality proteins for a health set of hair. Legumes such as lentils and kidney beans also have the same proteins that are the building blocks to a thicker full-bodied hair.


2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vital Minerals


Studies have shown that certain substances aid in resorting healthy skin and scalp conditions for a more sustained and luscious hair growth and replacement of shed hair strands. Omega-3 Fatty acids are one of these. Fish, particularly Salmon and Tuna are your best sources of these. Walnuts, Cashew nuts and Almonds come in as your next best sources.


Zinc also has its part in maintaining hair growth. Zinc-rich Oysters have been known to be aphrodisiacs but their zinc content has anti-oxidant prosperities that help maintain a healthy hair. Oysters may not always be available throughout the years but you can go for legumes such as lentils and kidney beans which also contain zinc and other beneficial minerals.  


3. Vitamin Sources and Supplements


Vitamin A and Vitamin C have been known to help your hair follicles produce sebum – the natural conditioning oils in your hair. Dark green leafy vegetables have them. Spinach and broccoli are fine specimens for to include in your diet to help maintain a healthy naturally conditioned set of hair. Be careful not to overcook them as vitamins almost always get lost in this state.


Nothing beats natural food but when in doubt about your vitamin intake, you can have vitamin pills and supplements to fall back on. Just don’t overdo it. Some overdosing of vitamins, like vitamin A, can in fact be ruinous to yours hair. So take them in moderation.  



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