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2. Nettles


This is commonly used to refer to the root and leaf extracts taken from the plant Urtica Dioica or Stinging Nettle. The plant grows to about 2-3 feet and can be grown in your backyard. It has dark green leaves and bears flowers with fine stinging hairs on the petals, thus, the name. It has been used for centuries in various skin and hair cleansing concoctions for its antiseptic, skin and hair regenerative properties.


In addition it is known to eliminate dandruff and stimulate hair growth by strengthening hair follicles. Recent applications include treating prostatic enlargement with the same DHT inhibiting action of Saw Palmetto. Made into shampoos or in alcohol-based lotions, Nettles have also figured as one of the more effective herbal hair loss treatment.



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1. Saw Palmetto


This can be said to be among the most popular extract taken from the fruit berries of the American dwarf palm plant scientifically called serenoa repens, The Saw Palmetto plant bears yellow flowers and red-black berries from which the Saw Palmetto essence is extracted. It figures predominantly in herbal preparations to treat non-cancerous prostrate disorders like the prostatic hyperplasia commonly occurring in older folks.


It inhibits 5-Alpha-Reductase from converting testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone, similar to the action of Finasteride drugs in treating the same condition. This makes the Saw Palmetto herbal extract a potent drug in controlling androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness which is caused by the same overproduction of DHT that gets to weaken hair follicles.

Herbal Hair Loss Treatment


The fact that there are no known lasting cures for premature hair loss in androgenetic alopecia hasn’t deterred the emergence of a thriving business around mitigating the effects of hair loss. This is basically what most hair treatment does – mitigate hair loss by attacking the medically known dysfunctions resulting from the genetic nature of male pattern baldness.


Whether going synthetic with medication based on the two FDA-approved medications Minoxidil and Finasteride based or relying on centuries old herbal hair loss treatment, the sufferer is sure to find some treatment that suits his lifestyle. But once started, there’s no let-up. Treating hair loss becomes lifelong commitment.  


2 Types of Herbal Treatments for Hair Loss


Saw Palmetto Plant
Nettles Root Extract