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How to Stop Hair Loss - 3 Important Tips Reviewed


Hair loss is not usually something to worry about as men often shed a few hair strands everyday, typically anywhere from 50 to 100. But hair continues to grow to replace those that are lost. It becomes a problem when there’s not enough hair growth to replace hair loss. When that happens, over time, you can expect thinning hair and eventual baldness if nothing is done to stop hair loss. This can occur naturally when men reach middle age, around the 50s. But when that happens in your teens or early 20s, it’s a case of premature baldness or alopecia.


A thinning hair can be quite distressing especially at a time when your looks are a prime concern. Sometimes hair loss is just temporary and will resume its full growth once you addressed some dietary or grooming styles as discussed below. But it is well to consult with your doctor when your start to notice your comb or hairbrush is gathering more hair strand the usual.


1. Get the Right Nutrition


Simply getting the right nutrition and a dietary balance can arrest temporary hair loss. Again check your eating habits and consult with your doctor or dietician if you’re doing the right thing on the table. Poor or insufficient diet can arrest normal hair growth. Anemic bloods conditions will not be able to nourish hair scalp to sustain growth. Eating disorders like anorexia are also known to cause hair loss. Bear in mind that hair growth needs the right amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals to your scalp. Some vegetarians are known to see air because they don’t get enough proteins from non-meat food source. Some athlete taking in steroids may disrupt hormonal balance to cause hair loss as well.


2. Check Your Grooming and Lifestyle


Chemical treatments on your hair could be damaging to hairs strands and roots. Artificial coloring, bleaching, straightening and perming can cause hair to become brittle and fall off. Frequent shampooing has been known to result in hair damage due too strong cleansing formulation in them. Dilute your shampoo with water or use a gentler baby shampoo. Either way, frequent use can still take its toll on your delicate hair.


Some hair styles can cause undue stress to the hair strands and cause them to fall off. Any styling that pulls hair tightly, like in dreadlocks can result in traction alopecia. The resulting hair loss can be permanent if it damages hair follicles resulting from tension in the scalp.


3. Consult with Your Doctor


If you’ve addressed your eating and grooming habits and after some time hair loss still persists, there could be health or medical reasons behind it. Certain hormonal imbalance conditions that could be genetic in nature can impair hair growth. Your doctor should be able to diagnose any medical or physical condition you have that cause hair loss. Also, if you are taking in prescribed medication, hair loss can be inevitable. Medicines prescribed against severe acne like lithium and isotretinoin, and diet pills containing amphetamines also can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs for cancer are probably the most well-known medications that cause hair loss.  


Whether it’s a matter of lifestyle or medication, hair loss can be stopped if the underlying reasons are detected early.  



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