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3. Using the Laser Comb at Home  


Recent advances in consumer laser products have made possible some home based laser hair loss treatment using laser comb with teeth that emit low level laser light of the right wavelength. Combing our hair does the clinical job of directing laser light to stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation to the follicles.


Going Into Hair Treatment Regimen


Laser technologies for hair regrowth often yield better and faster results in tandem with chemical application of FDA-approved medications in between sessions and after as a follow-on medication. Coupled with the right diets and a healthy lifestyle, a holistic hair treatment regimen can further delay the inevitable onset of complete baldness.



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Laser Hair Loss Treatment


Stimulating blood circulation to get the hair follicles to do their job of producing thicker hair can take many forms. A simple routine of massaging the scalp for a few minutes each day is often recommended as a no-cost method in this direction. There are also herbal extracts and topical medication that once absorbed into the scalp can stimulate the hair follicles. But there’s a classier and more modern way to doing it. You can opt to undergo laser hair loss treatment.


3 Laser Treatments for Hair Loss


Going for laser can be effective but expensive. Certain light wavelengths have been known to be easily absorbed by the skin and scalp and can be used to increase blood flow into the hair follicles. Laser technologies to direct low-energy light beamed at the right wavelength can strength hair to induce growth. Here are some of the technology variants for treating hair using laser.


1. Laser Luce LDS 100


This is known to have an efficacy of stimulating hair growth to restore 70% of lost hair for patient suffering from male pattern baldness. Treatment involves immersing the head into a domed apparatus with low level laser lights inside directed to your scalp. A few laser sessions may be required to get the desired results.


2. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)


This phototherapy uses low-powered laser or soft laser to stimulate the scalp without breaking the skin. The right wavelength is employed to enhance scalp tissue growth and blood circulation. This method is often used after hair transplant procedures to accelerate.


Laser Hair Loss Treatment