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3. The Laser Comb


For those who’d rather do the procedure themselves, the “laser comb” may be their best bet. This is a hand-held device that acts like a regular brush or comb. However, what makes it unique is that it also applies phototherapy by using laser lights. Although this procedure has been proven to be quite effective for some, it is mainly used to aid procedures that are performed in the doctor’s office.


The laser comb can be very useful in enhancing the results of various hair loss procedures – may it be surgical or otherwise.



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3 Types of Laser Hair Loss Treatment


Over the past few years, the advancements in the field of hair restoration have allowed the emergence and the mastery of a new type of non-surgical procedure that guarantees to assist in the restoration of hair. Today, facilities that offer laser treatment as a means of hair restoration come a dime a dozen. Especially when used in conjunction with proven hair products such as Rogaine or Propecia, laser hair restoration treatment has proven to be quite effective in almost 80% of patients.  


Below are reviews of 3 of the most popular laser treatments for hair loss in the market. Two of them will require patients to visit a clinic or an office while one can be performed at the comfort of one’s own home.


The 3 Different Types of Laser Hair Loss Treatment


1. Laser Luce LDS 100


Laser Luce LDS 100 is definitely one of the most popular laser hair loss treatment procedures in the market today. This is primarily brought about by its impressive success rate and its ability to satisfy a majority of the individuals that undergo this type of laser treatment. According to practitioners, this process is able to stimulate the growth of around 70% of hair follicles that are in an inactive phase. What it does is it increases the scalp’s blood flow, thereby allowing the hair follicles to take in more nutrients and grow hair that is richer and healthier.


The procedure itself makes use of laser lights that have low energy. These lights are lined in an apparatus in such a way that the patient’s skin is able to absorb the said laser lights. It is these lights that stimulate the blood supply in the scalp in order to make it healthier.


2. LLLT: Low-Level Laser Therapy


LLLT is actually a general term which is used to describe any type of laser treatment or phototherapy that does not involve the breaking of skin. This procedure also makes use of low-power or soft therapeutic lasers. It also shares the same principle as Laser Luce in that it also stimulates the scalp’s supply of blood which causes the enhancement of cell activity. This would then lead to the prevention of hair loss as well as the growth of new hair. LLLT also has a number of skin healing properties which also makes it ideal to use in conjunction with hair transplant surgery.


Laser Hair Loss Treatment