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Natural Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss treatment requires understanding the conditions that’s causing it. You can start using natural hair loss treatment in the early stages of hair loss. But sometimes, there is no hair loss treatment necessary as the conditions like stress, chemicals caused by medication and body ailments like hepatitis, anemia and thyroid disorders can pass or be cured so that hair growth resumes to its normal levels. In cases like these, expect hair to grow back in 3-4 months after treating the illness or stopping the medication that caused hair to fall out as a side effect.


3 Types of Natural Treatment for Hair Loss


1. Dietary Treatment


In many cases, hair loss can be attributed to nutritional deficiency. Inadequate proteins and vitamins in your daily diet is often the culprit in hair loss cases. Check the foods you eat to make sure that you have right nutrients. The internet is full of information on what these nutrients are. And diet supplement rich in the vitamins and minerals you need is an alternative.


2. Exercise and Scalp Massage


A healthy blood circulation is needed to get the nutrients in the blood reaching your hair follicles that need them to grow new and stronger hair. Regular exercise not only promotes a trim body, but it promotes better blood circulation to all the muscles, tissues and skin. Having a localized massage on the scalp regularly helps to keep the blood flowing for all those nutrients the follicles need.


3. Herbal or Synthetic


It really doesn’t matter as both can do the job. Herbal treatment of hair and scalp disorders have been around for centuries with Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Sage, Nettle and Saw Palmetto, to mention some. They have the ability to improve blood circulation and even block DHT formation in the case of Saw Palmetto extracts.



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