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Hair Loss Prevention Medications


People suffering from some form of hair loss can benefit from a number of non-prescriptive medications containing either Minoxidil or Finasteride. These are the only two medications approved by the FDA as having proven to be effective in promoting hair growth by arresting hair loss with repeated use over months to a year.  


In addition, they can resort to herbal medication with a home brew of shampoos using herbal extracts that have been used for centuries as another avenue for hair loss prevention. Medication of lasting efficacy against hair loss does not exist. The best out there can only slow down the thinning process and delay the onset of complete baldness for as long as the treatments are regularly observed.  Discontinue the treatment and the hair loss resumes.


Maximizing Minoxidil’s Efficacy


The FDA has approved the substance in 2% solutions for non-prescription hair treating hair loss. Dosage higher than that will need doctor's prescription. Currently the most widely used brand marketed worldwide is Rogaine. Some dermatological clinics use Minoxidil in tandem with other substance in a more holistic hair loss prevention medication.   


Minoxidil is topically applied on the thinning scalp with Betamethazone valerate - a cortisone that prevents inflammation of the scalp as well as reduce irritation that can happen when Minoxidil is used. In addition, the cortisone substance can help Minoxidil in blocking DHT form being metabolized in the hair follicles where it will instruct the follicle to stop making hair. Betamethazone valerate also disperses white blood cells which are known to cause hair to fall out.


Minoxidil with low concentrations of Tretinoin (brand is Retin-A) has been observed in some cases to promote more hair growth at a faster rate than if minoxidil were taken separately.  Tretinoin is a prescriptive anti-acne medication topically applied to the skin and is also famous as a cosmetic agent to reduce facial wrinkles in both men and women. Tretinoin may actually help the skin absorb Minoxidil faster so that its works better.



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