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Hair Loss Prevention Supplements


It’s often easier said than done to get the right food groups that make up a healthy diet. But with a busy lifestyle where you often find yourself having to get by with fast foods to keep up with your work schedules, getting proper nutrition takes the backseat. In the meantime, our bodily functions can be deprived of the essential nutrients they need. The skin and scalp are among the first to suffer resulting to hair loss in the process.


We rarely find the time or the information to check whether the foods we eat have the balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals. But to be safe and sure, dietary supplements rich in the vitamins we lack are available. You can consider them as hair loss prevention supplements if the priority is to maintain a health set of hair on your scalp. Here are some to consider when getting a diet supplement.  Unless the foods you eat are rich in them, do consider getting supplements that have them.


3 Types of Hair Loss Prevention Supplements


1. Vitamin B12  


If you are a vegetarian, there are some vitamins that will never be found in vegetables. The most notable is vitamin B12. If you want to maintain that healthy set of hair, be aware that B12 has been clinically proven to maintain healthy rate of metabolism at the cellular level. That means your hair follicles can easily absorb the nutrients metabolized from the foods we eat through the blood stream. B12 deficiency has been shown to cause dry skin and scalp scaling that can cause hair to die out.


2. Vitamin B6 and Zinc


Studies have shown that together, this vitamin-mineral tandem can block the action of 5-Alpha-Reductase in converting DHT from testosterone and getting to your hair follicles. DHT overproduction is the main culprit in male pattern baldness for people genetically predisposed to it. But even those who are not can suffer from DHT that increase its levels in the body.


3. Vitamin E  


Reputed to be an anti-aging vitamin, vitamin E has excellent anti-oxidant properties that promote healthy blood circulation throughout the skin. That is why the vitamin can make you look young with supple skin and hair with youthful bounce and sheen. Hair loss prevention supplements won’t be complete without it.



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