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Therapy-G Reviews


Brand: Therapy-G

Review: 3-Step System Kit with Conditioning Treatment

Supply: 3 Months (12oz Antioxidant Shampoo + 8.5oz Follicle Stimulator + 8.5oz Hair Volumizing Treatment + 8.5oz Conditioning Treatment x 1 Bottle/Each)

Price: US$ 92.75 + Free Shipping

Guarantee: 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Description: Therapy-G is a systematic hair regrowth shampoo to effectively treating thinning or fine hair. This unique system is the first to offer DEEP CLEANSING AND NEUTRALIZATION of toxins, free radicals, and DHT while at the same time stimulating renewed growth by nourishing the follicles, and without drying the hair and scalp.

Therapy-G is not only for people who are losing their hair but also for people who have fine hair. It enables these people to experience thicker, fuller and healthier hair that is protected from sun damage, styling stress and color changes.

Company: Therapy-G

Website: www.therapyg.com  

Email Address: therapyg@therapyg.com










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Therapy-G Reviews