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5 Types of Hair Loss Vitamins


Hair Loss Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very helpful vitamin in the human body. The most common benefit of having amounts of vitamin A is having better and sharper eyesight. The increase of a certain vitamin beyond normal limits is called vitamin toxicity, and when Vitamin A turns toxic, hair loss can happen...  


Hair Loss Vitamin B

Of all the vitamins of consequence to healthy set of hair, the B vitamins occupy a paramount position. Dermatologists and hair specialists are one in lamenting its deficiency as an underlying factor in hair loss. Vitamin B is a water soluble compound consisting of 8 variants that can be found mostly in foods rich in proteins...  


Hair Loss Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help fight hair loss. One major cause of hair loss is vitamin deficiency, in the case of vitamin C, lacking this essential element will make your hair more vulnerable to damage, breakage, falling and shedding...  


Hair Loss Vitamin D

While many experts often recommend B vitamins for hair loss problems, there are studies that show that the previously unlinked Vitamin D can also prove effective against hair loss. Thanks to Dihydroxyvitamin D which directly affect skin health. The secret to great hair is not in the hair itself, but with the scalp...  


Hair Loss Vitamin E

If you look closely at the different shampoos and conditioners available at your local store, you will find that many of these hair products incorporate vitamin E in their formulation. This is because it has been proven that vitamin E is an essential vitamin that is crucial to the growth of great hair...  



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